Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Five Favourite Films

I love films. I love them so much. Even though lately I've been watching tv series more than films, I still do love them. Here is a short list of my favourite films and why I love them so much. They're in no particular order because I will never be able to prioritise any film over the others.


Oh yes, Pride. Pride is about a group of lesbians and gays in the 80s who raise money to help the miners who were on strike. The story is based on true events, which makes it all the more special. It's just so funny - the phrase a gaggle of gays and lesbians is an actual line in the film - the atmosphere is amazing. It's also very touching (I have to admit I cried quite a lot watching this). I have a soft spot for Bill Nighy and Imelda Staunton, and having Andrew Scott and Jessie Cave in the same film isn't a punishment either. The story will stay with me for a long time to come, and if it leaves, I will just watch the film again to keep it. (IMDb)

Not Another Happy Ending

As always, the trailer is basically the whole film, but have no fear: it's still worth it to watch it! I fell in love with this from the very first scene. It's so Scottish and sunny. Of course I was already biased, Karen Gillan being my favourite actress and all, but the story feels like it was written for me. Jane Lockheart writes her first novel, which brings her instant fame and glory, and her long-lost father. She hadn't seen him since she was six, after her mother died. At the same time, she's beginning a new romance with Willie and has to write a new book. Only, she can't. She can't write. Then Jane's publisher Tom (Stanley Weber) and the lovely Roddie (Iain de Caestecker) try to make her life miserable so she can write again. 
The music, the setting, the fashion. Everything is just so nice and made me watch it seven times. (IMDb)

God Help the Girl

I just realised that this is also in Scotland. Maybe I should pick up my old dream and move to Scotland after all..!! Anyway, this film is a dream. Emily Browning, Olly Alexander and Hannah Murray are my Golden Trio. As Eve, James and Cassie they spend their summer in Glasgow, eventually deciding to form a band and make music. It's light and lovely. On the other hand, Eve tries to deal with her eating disorder and problems with her parents (who are far away). This gives the whole story a sort of tragic depth and made me want to watch it over and over again. Besides that, the music is just terrific and I haven't stopped listening to it since the first time I've seen this film. That's no coincidence, of course, as Stuart Murdoch (from Belle and Sebastian) is the guy behind this all. (IMDb)

Bright Star

Absolute pure romance. Sorry about the weird voiceover in this trailer, it kind of ruins the softness of it all. Nevertheless, you should all watch this. This is the story of the poet John Keats, who I absolutely love. That's really all I should say, actually, apart from that it's the most romantic yet also the most heartbreaking film I've ever seen. I remember seeing it for the first time and even three weeks later I found myself thinking about it. I even memorised the poem Bright Star, because it is so lovely and tragic.
The colours - soft white, light green, purple and blue -, the music, the beautiful period dresses.. Everything is poetic. (IMDb)

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I gotta be honest here, I was even excited to rewatch this trailer before I put it in this post. I watched this film only recently in cinema and I am so anxious to get it as soon as it's out. I think maybe this film might be my favourite of all of them. I might have a little hierarchy after all!
I'm planning on writing a full review on this soon, so I'm going to keep it short.
As a true Jane Austen fan, I loved this film because the combination of the invincible girl power, the fierceness of all the female characters, the respect they earned from their male peers, while maintaining the romantic story Austen originally wrote, and a good splash of humour, was absolutely perfectly balanced. There, I tried it in one sentence, but there is so so much more to say. So look forward to that soon! (IMDb)

This was originally going to be ten of my favourites, but as I can't seem to shut up about some of these, it became five. I hope this was even a bit interesting to read, and let me know if you liked any of these films yourself! And please tell me your favourites, I can always use new films in my life!