About Mia

My name is Mirjam, but Mia for short.
I live in the middle of The Netherlands. I don't really like any Dutch things, but sometimes I'm proud to live here. Countries I do love, however, are Iceland, the UK and Norway. I study Norwegian at the University of Amsterdam. I absolutely love it. I live on my own which has inspired me to do fun and creative things for myself.

I like vintage clothes, or clothes that are vintage-style. I love to write stories. I love mysteries (if you know a mystery: contact me by commenting on one of my posts. Thank you!). My passion is writing. A few years ago I won a contest with a short story that I wrote :)
At home we have two cats, three guinea-pigs, who I miss very much when I'm away during the week.

I adore watching tv-series and reading books. My all time favourite author is the Australian Jaclyn Moriarty (The Ghost of Ashbury High, The Year of Secret Assignments and the Colours of Madeleine trilogy).
I also love watching videos on youtube, eating chocolate, lollipops or licorice, photography, and animals.

If you want to know anything, just ask. Send an email to mirrigm@gmail.com if you like!
Thank you!