Wednesday, October 31, 2012


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So october is filled with festivities based on the fact that autumn has really arrived and that it's Halloween of course. Unfortunately I live in The Netherlands and Halloween is really not a very big deal here. In America, and probably more other countries, Halloween is for everyone; young people and old people. It's a time to have fun, dress up and eat sweets with your family.

I think it's fair to say that Europe doesn't do Halloween. I think this is such a shame. I've never had a Halloween party or Halloween decorations. Since I've started to get really involved with the internet and learned about cultures around the world (that sounds weird, but the internet taught me a lot) I have become more interested in Halloween. Here are my tips for people in Europe or other countries where Halloween hardly exists to have a nice 31st of october after all!

First of all, you need a spooky film to watch. Some trailers:

Sleepy Hollow

The well-known Nightmare Before Christmas

I don't want to be stupid and name all the Tim Burton films, but try Corpse Bride and Sweeney Todd. I don't like horror films, but if you want a hardcore Halloween, any horror film will probably do.

Secondly you'll need Halloween food and drinks. These are basically scary things. Chocolate in the shape of a spider, or you can make things yourself, like in this video:

Decorations. Now in my country there are only a few shops that sell Halloween themed decorations. Our country is focussed on a different holiday which I will explain an other time. I have found some videos to make the decorations too, not only if they're difficult to get your hands on, but it's also cheaper (probably):

These decorations are pretty cute, but the video is rather long. Still, worthwhile if you want these adorable mummy jars on your table!

If you do have a Halloween party (or you throw one yourself) and you need a costume, here are some ideas:

(I love Bethany, check out her other videos, they are so professional and fun!)

Hold on, I have a lot more

Do you love Kandee already? There's more:

I couldn't help but crack up watching this one, hahaha!
This link will bring you to her entire playlist with all her costume videos! Have fun!

Lastly I have a song that reminds me of Halloween.

Well, have fun improvising your own Halloween party! 

Next week I will tell you all about our Dutch tradition which is kind of replacing Halloween. 

Oh, and does anyone have some extra tips for me or other readers to make this halloween a success? Please let me know, thanks!


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