Friday, March 1, 2013

Sigur Ros on tour: Amsterdam


As you might have read before, I went to the Sigur Rós concert in Amsterdam on the 21st of February. My sister accompanied me, even though she's not that into the music, because I had no one else to go with! Thanks so much :)
This reminds me of Owl City

The concert took place in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. It's a pretty big location and the show was sold out! While we were in the queue waiting for the doors to open, I saw all kinds of people, even people who were not English, all anxiously awaiting the same awesome music. Some musicians have the same 'type' of fans, like screaming girls, but Sigur Rós has all kinds of people listening to their music. Also it made me feel less alone in my musical taste; I don't know many people in my environment that likes Sigur Rós as much as I do. I felt less weird, so to speak.

The supporting act was, disappointingly, a bit boring. The guy called himself Blanck Mass. His music is apparently used in the official Olympic opening in 2012, but his performance in Amsterdam didn't really warm my heart. He performed for about half an hour, and the entire time he didn't stop once. His music just went on and on and I think his problem was anti-climax. Nothing happened for thirty minutes straight, just an annoying wining sound and some spinning triangles on a screen.

I don't know, maybe other people liked it, but I had the idea everyone was thinking 'WHERE'S SIGUR RÓS?'. I was.

Finally Sigur Rós came on stage. At first they were behind a sheet on which beautiful images were projected. There was a spotlight on Jónsi, however, so we were able to see him. I was standing two pretty tall guys, but I could just peek between their heads so I could see Jónsi!

a bit like this
About halfway there was this guy who was pretty big and he stood right in front of me. He clapped with his arms above his head all the time as well, so I had to try to make pictures and videos in between his arms.. It was a bit annoying but I just ignored that.

The shadows on the screen were awesome

They sang literally all my favourite songs (I only would’ve loved it if they did Sé Lest, Samskeyti and Starálfur).
Ný Batterí made me tear up immediately (even my sister felt the sadness in his voice, and she doesn't like it!). His voice in 'real life' is even stronger and clearer than on the albums. Olsen Olsen, the ingenious song without lyrics, but with vocals, made me so happy. The light bulbs on stage flickered on and off like fireflies in a forest. The piano intro of Sæglópur and Hoppipolla made me want to sing and jump! Three new songs were performed, they were so amazing! I can't wait for their new album (it's to be released this year, guys, THIS YEAR).

The way home was pretty hard, thanks to the last train that didn't leave. We ended up in a deserted train station at one am. We had fun though (at least I had).

I had the best of times, thanks to Sigur Ros and their amazing music and my sister who sacrificed her night for me!


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