Friday, October 2, 2015



Life is pretty stupid and boring like 50% of the time but I would like to focus on the other 50% that makes my insides cheer with excitement and makes a horrible day a little better. Some of those things are happening in the near future and I'd like to express my happiness about them right here and now:

The Amazing Book is not on Fire (Or: TABINOF)
A very exciting book that's almost arriving at my house is The Amazing Book is not on Fire by Dan Howell and Phil Lester. Yes the youtubers. And I know that 99% of the youtubers have a book now, but that doesn't take away my joy that Dan and Phil decided to join in. I've known these two for at least four years now, they've always been there to cheer me up and they're still here, doing new things to make me happy.

To be very honest I have no idea what this book is about, but Dan has said repeatedly that we should just trust them (I do, very much, trust them) and that it is not entirely written in Comic Sans. So that's definitely something to be excited about.

Apart from this awesome book that looks really amazing on the outside and will definitely be more amazing on the inside, they are also going on tour. First they go on tour in the UK (ugh why don't I live where things are happening) but they might take it to the rest of the world! In a recent live show Dan mentioned he'd love to come to The Netherlands too, so I'm confident that it will happen. I don't care if I have to go alone, I will go. What will happen on stage is still a huge surprise too, but again: I trust them to make it incredible.

X Look what's part of the set: a plant! 
Check out TABINOF here! Dan's youtube here and Phil's here, in case you didn't know them yet. Also their shared youtube channel where they play games in the most incredibly funny way possible. (I love them)

Marble Sounds
Ohh I am so excited about this one. About five years ago I was just randomly listening to new cool songs on the internet when I came across Marble Sounds, a post-rock band from Belgium. The song I heard first was The Time To Sleep and it is to this day one of my favourite feel-good songs. It's so great to just listen to in any season of the year, to clear my head and de-stress.

The rest of their music came to my attention a few months ago, and the rarest thing ever happened: I liked every single song. Besides their amazing songs, their music videos are really creative and cool too. Check this one out :)

The exciting news is that they're releasing a new album this January!! After their first two albums Nice is Good and Dear Me, Look Up, a new one full of new songs is actually happening. I'm super excited.

There's so much more I'm excited for but I think this should be enough for now :D Let me know what you're excited for!!


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