Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I've been thinking. Yes, I've really been thinking. In fact, I've been thinking about thinking. Which is odd. My cousin got an assignment at school. (Sorry that I'm using your assignment. Don't think you'll even read this, so it won't hurt). She had to write down what she thinks from the moment she wakes up, up to the moment that she arrives at school. I think this is a very personal thing. How can you ask somebody to tell you your thoughts of more then an hour? It's outrageous (I love that word)! Maybe she'd think: ' I have..' no, I'm not even going to write that down. (Don't worry, I wasn't thinking anything weird. I wasn't going to write anything down, it was just for the effect.) It's just stupid. Your thoughts are very important, at least they are for me.
We have an assignment that is almost the same. We have a 'life vision book' that we have to fill in. Some of the questions are ridiculous! Once, we had to write down how we'd feel if we'd be in love. And our teacher is going to read it all and say if you did it well or not. It's just weird.

I've been thinking about other stuff too. I just fed our animals (our guinea-pig and rabbit). Our guinea-pig (called Sopje) is very afraid of her own door. Everytime I open or close it, she runs away like I have an chainsaw or something. I think she has developed a trauma. Yes, I really think she has. Her dear friend, Peetje (also a guinnea-pig) died several weeks ago by falling out of the cage (which is high, and outside) and being bitten by a dog. I don't blame the dog though, don't worry (I actually blame myself for not closing the door properly...). I think that Sopje saw Peetje falling into the big unknown outside the door and never coming back and now she's afraid of the door. It's sad.

I also think that I recently freed myself from my own dreadful language. I don't have to write in Dutch any more! It's so good to write and think in English. It sounds much more elegant. "Musings"  is a great word, whereas "Gedachtes" sounds quite boring.


PS: Mia is not my real name. It's just a thousand times better than my real name :)

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