Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Wish I Had...

Feather Extensions
I absolutely love them. I allready have (hardly visible) highlights in my hair, but these feathers are amazing. I think that they'd add just a little more. And they're definitely my style. I saw that the person who is my second best inspiration has them, and they look awesome. You can see in this video that she's putting them in her hair. It looks super easy! Unfortunately I can't just buy things from America, and I don't have any money.

You can buy them here: Famous Feathers

A petticoat for under my skirts
Not that I have that many skirts though. I have one skirt and several dresses, but I don't like them the way they are. They're so.. flat. I love wide, puffy skirts. So, I'm in need of a petticoat. I hate the fact that they're so expensive. And the fact that I don't have money for another eight days.

Just a vintage shop in our neighbourhood
I think it's outrageous that there's no vintage shop near my place. None. I'll have to travel to Amsterdam, or Utrecht (yes, The Netherlands.. Dumb huh?) to find one that has some nice stuff. I can't go to a thrift store, because they just sell books (which are pretty cool though) and old cups and plates. And games for kids. And videotapes, they just stay there because no-one has a video player anymore. Well, we do, but I guess it broke. There are other cool things too (like old computers, or even older typing machines), but no vintage clothes.
Hey, I just remembered that I actually have two vintage dresses, but they're both not really every-day-dresses. I have a black dress, which I bought for christmas, and a white one. If I'd wear the white one, you'd think I'd be on my way to my wedding.

Well, enough wishing and complaining,

Mia (who doesn't have any money..)

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