Thursday, June 2, 2011

I love..

Summer music:

Happy films (and their soundtracks):

How to Train Your Dragon

A Knight's Tale

Which brings me to the next:

Heath Ledger

It's a pitty that I only just discovered how brilliant he is, because unfortunately, as you might know, he died. I'm really touched by his death; he was only twenty-eight years old when he got poisened by his medicine. It is said that it was no-ones fault, but still, how could it have happened? He was so amazing and so cool! It's not fair that a man like that had to die at his age.
I'm planning on watching every single film, episode and every interview he has ever done. I want to know what happened.

The bands who are coming to the EO-Youthday!
The Afters:



Toby Mac:

And The Gentlemen!:

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