Saturday, September 10, 2011

Flevo Festival 2011

The 18th till the 21st of August my cousin Daniek and her two friends Sanne and Jenneke and me went to the Flevo Festival!

If you don't know what the Flevo Festival is about, the slogan will help you. Faith, Friends and Music. That sort of sums it all up. It's a Christian music festival that lasts 4 days and 3 nights.

Me (with the white hat on, looking funny), Sanne, Jenneke, Daniek. Plus some random people.
Picture belongs to and made by the Xnoizz photographer. We were standing in front of the Xnoizz studio.

I´ve learned a lot during those 4 days. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Fashion tips:
All that I know:
- Wear wellies, they'll keep your 3 pairs of socks warm and dry so you won't get a cold and miss the best performances on Saturday;

- Take an umbrella with you. Or a hat. I wore a hat, which kept my hair dry so I wasn’t as cold at night;
- Believe me. It gets cold at night. Please, please take a nice, warm jumper with you or a lot of coats. Don’t listen to the weather forecast. Just do it;

- Don’t wear tights. You’ll get sand everywhere and that doesn’t feel good. Besides that it’s absolutely fine to wear a skirt without tights.
- Take a handy backpack with you, it will hold everything you need while away from your tent. Just bring something to eat and drink and things like an extra vest or sunglasses or whatever.

Survival tips:
- It will get warm during the day. You don’t want boiled soda, do you? If there’s water near you, you can do two things:
   1)  - take a rope from your tent
        -  tie the rope to the bottle (or bottles)
        - take a tent peg (please note: don’t take the tent peg you’re supposed to use securing your tent, but take a spare peg. Your tent might fly away while you’re not watching and you’ll need the nice neighbours to sleep over)
        -  Pin the peg in the ground after you tied the rope to them and hang the bottles in the water. Make sure no-one steals them.
       - make sure the bottles are in the shade
  2)  - take a bucket (you can use everything that resembles a bucket but make sure it’s waterproof)
        -  put some water in it
         - put the bottles in the water
        - don’t let the bucket sit in the sun all day

- Make sure you’ve got enough to drink. Take a bottle of water with you for example. If you’re determined to be unhealthy on a festival, just take some coke or whatever with you.

- Be nice to your neighbours, they´ll be nice to you too and they´ll share their food.
- Don't forget to bring some money. You might have brought some food that expires while you're there, and you don't want to cook everyday. If you do forget your money, you can always get back to the previous tip I gave you.

I’ve done more than just learning this stuff of course.
We met a lot of nice people too!
We’ve been chilling out at night with some guys. It was really nice. There were two particular guys who were playing the guitar and singing amazing songs. When I got home I realised that these two guys were actually in a band called Sunday Picknick. Their music is just super cool and we’ve just chilled with them in the middle of the night! I’m so honoured. Click here to check out the website.

Besides these cool guys we’ve seen some other bands as well. On the real stages there on the festival grounds.

 (this is Tenth Avenue North)

 [pictures by Daniek]

It was just a lot of fun!

In conclusion I’d like to say hi to:
Arjo (although I didn’t actually meet him, but whatever, he’s part of the group)
Please forgive me if I forget one of you.
And please make sure everyone on the list knows I'm saying hi!!

Much of love,
(Mirjam for all the guys on the list)

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