Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Seasons

Every time a new season has begun, I desire an other. Right now it´s fall in the Netherlands. It´s raining all the time and the trees are letting their leaves float towards the ground. It´s a nice season, everyone stays inside watching TV while there´s a storm going on outside. I really love the sound of the rain ticking on the window and the wind whistling through the trees taking the dead leaves with them on faraway adventures. It´s simply beautiful to see the leaves turn red, orange or yellow. The forests have the most amazing colours in the fall season.
Still I just long to see the first bright snowflakes whirl from the dark sky. I want to see all the branches sparkling white, blinding against the bright blue sky on a cold winter´s day. I want to take pictures of all the beauty around us during the bitter cold season.
Thus I have looked up the pictures of last year´s winter and decided to post them.

When fall is at it´s best, I´ll post some coloured leaves too!


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