Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to fall asleep

Having a stressful period? Or just one of those nights when you know from the moment you stepped in your bed that you’re not going to sleep until a few hours before you have to wake up again?

I have those nights all the time these days.. I have some tricks that might help you fall asleep!

Always make sure your IPod or other source of music is near your bed. Also make sure this song is on it:

Any other song that doesn’t make your exited, happy or jumpy will do. My method is playing the song on a normal volume and every time it repeats I press the volume-down button once. Then, when I’m really tired, even the softest, slowest song will sound loud and annoying. Then it’s time to sleep.

A good book (or a boring one, maybe even better!)
If the music doesn’t work, there is always the trick to read. When reading, you’ll be very concentrated on the book and suddenly your eyes will get heavy and you can’t read another word. Then it’s time to switch of the lights and close your eyes. You will sleep in no time. A very boring book will help too, because boring things always make you sleepy. Together with the tired eyes you’ll sleep soon enough.

The Body Shop sleep stuff
This is a nice one. The Body Shop has these little sprays that you spray on your pillow or beddings and the scent of it will make you sleepy. I really love this method, because I like to smell good scents. Smelling a sleepy scent is even better. I actually always call it the ‘sleep stuff’. I’m going to look up what it’s actually called
.. “Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist”. Ooh.. Nice name! I’d seriously buy it just for the name.. It’s 15 euro’s (10 pounds) for sale at The Body Shop. I’m very lucky because my sister bought it a while ago and she doesn’t like it!

Walk around
If it’s a very difficult night you should try getting up and walk around the house for a minute. Just go to the bathroom. Brush your teeth again or tidy up a cupboard. Just do something, let your eyes adjust to the light again. Wake up. Then go back to bed and try again. This time it might actually work!

The last trick is one I actually learned from The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian. Lucy Pevensie couldn’t sleep and she said that the only way to fall asleep is stop trying. It’s actually very similar to ‘walk around’ but just different. I actually tried it and it definitely worked! Stay in your bed and look up at the ceiling. Try to keep your eyes open for as long as possible. Tell yourself a little bedtime story. Just don’t think of sleeping. Oh, and don’t think of the reason you’re not asleep. That only wakes you up.

I hope that this helps everyone fall asleep more easy. I just wanted to share my favourite place to be with you!

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