Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sweet! A new pair of shoes!


A few days back my sister went to the thrift store and found some beautiful shoes. They were a bit too big for her so she asked me if I wanted them. She took them with her (after all, who would leave shoes that cost only three euros all alone in a shop?) and I tried them on. They are also slightly too big for me, but I can at least walk in them.

It was a bit rainy this morning, but during a short sunny period of time I was able to make some pictures with my sister Mayke. She was kind enough to help me out by making pictures of me. 

Meet Mellow, the sweet yet slightly slow pony who lives in a nice meadow behind our house. 

Miep also wants to know what's going on

Moomin and Sopje are very curious creatures! 

девушка (Little Girl in Russian) (My sister likes everything Russian) and Alice are a bit shy and stay in the background

Hi Floortje!

I hope you have a great day and that your weather wherever you are is better than it is here in The Netherlands!


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