Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy new year

Hey internet people!

First of all

Happy new year everyone!

I hope you have an amazing 2013 ahead of you!!

Secondly. I am so so so sorry that I haven't written anything in a few weeks. I have an excuse though. I've been ill and I've been very busy. But now I'm all better and I have less work to do!
It's actually more annoying for myself that I haven't done anything for my blog, because I basically ejoy it so much that I've missed it.

I have a few new things in my life coming up that make me extremely excited to wake up in the morning and I hope you can see my happiness in my upcoming blogposts!

Two things that are going to happen in my life are that I'm going back to school (I'm still excited at the moment, but that'll change into teenage grumpiness after a few weeks probably) and I'm going to a Sigur Ros concert!

So be sure to check that out, I'll probably make pictures and enjoy it intensely.

Because it's the new year and I'm planning on accomplishing more this year than I did last year, I'm going to make a box in which I will put notes with happy things that happen this year. For example I could write a note now, saying 'Registered for school' or something. Because that's pretty positive, right? I want to see my life more positive from now on, making sure the happy experiences I will have stay emphasised.

On the internet I found some nice inspirational examples of how this jar or box should look like:



For my jar I'm just using fun quotes that make me happy.

While I was making this, I remembered why I never do crafty things like this. The blue paper didn't stick to the glass, I couldn't find a black thick pencil and my last quote didn't fit..
Anyway I'm pretty happy about the way it turned out eventually.

Wow my camera suddenly decided to lose it's ability to be a camera.

But you get the general idea. (I suck at crafting)

In 2013:

♥ I will hopefully start two schools
♥ I will hopefully successfully finish one of them
♥ I will see Sigur Ros perform live, and who knows I'll maybe even meet them!
♥ I will meet a lot of new people and make new wonderful friendships
♥ I will be who I want to be, act the way I want to act and look the way I want to look

♥ The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who will be awesome-possum!
♥ Catching Fire in theatres
♥ Iron Man 3 in theatres
♥ Thor 2 in theatres
♥ The Desolation of Smaug in theatres ( BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH AND MARTIN FREEMAN &co.)
♥ And probably a lot more films in theatres..
So as you can see, I expect lots of awesome things!
I hope you have an amazingly good new year,


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  1. Happy New Year! That jar looks awesome! I feel inspired to make one myself now! I need to find a nice jar first, though. :)

    Hope you have a lovely day! ♥

    ~ Mia (MiaintheTARDIS)