Saturday, March 23, 2013

Post Crossing

Hi there!

Since a few months I’ve been Postcrossing actively. 
Postcrossing basically means you get to send postcards around the world and receive postcards as well. When you register on the website, you enter your address and request an address to send a postcard to. Everyone has a profile on which you can introduce yourself a little, so the one who’s sending you a postcard kind of knows what to write on the back.
Once you’ve sent a postcard, your address will be shown to someone else in the world who requested one, and so it continues. You can request addresses whenever you want (until you reach the limit) and the more postcards you send the more postcards you receive. You can request addresses whenever you like, so you don't have to keep sending them if you don't want to. Your address is pretty safe too, it’s not shown to just anyone. 

When you send a postcard, the person who’s going to receive it doesn’t know you’ve sent them one, so it’ll always be a surprise when you receive a postcard and from which country it’s from. When you receive a postcard you register it on the website as ‘received’ so the sender knows it’s arrived safely.
So far I’ve sent 23 postcards and received 19. I absolutely love it! It costs some, you need to pay for postage stamps and postcards of course, but you get surprisingly fun and interesting postcards from all over the world.

I think the charm of this ‘hobby’ is that for just a second you’re part of someone’s life, someone who perhaps lives in China or the US. And for just a second that person is part of your life when you register the postcard on the website and send them a message to thank them for the postcard.
The messages on the cards might be so simple, what you had for dinner, what your hobbies are or what the weather’s like; but because they’re from a stranger in a strange country with a different cultures and different habits, even the little things are interesting.
Here are some of my favourite postcards that I received:

From USA

From Finland, I love it!

From Australia, beautiful lilies

From Finland, the famous Moomins

From Germany. I can't get over the fact that it's wearing yellow boots

I also have a penfriend, Mia, from Norway. It's really funny that she's called Mia, and also confusing sometimes. She has a Norwegian blog, which is really interesting because I want to learn Norwegian so badly! We send letters to each other in English though, which is also fun!

Check out the Postcrossing website, maybe I'll send you a postcard some day!
This is my profile.


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  1. I love Postcrossing too! I recently received a card from Sao Paulo, which is so far away! It's amazing to think that someone actually sat down and wrote a postcard to me personally. That's what I love. :)

    Yay, I just finished my next letter to you! I just need to go out and get an envelope and stamps. You might get Swedish stamps this time, as I am in Sweden right now. :)

    Love, Mia xxxxx