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I went to Cambridge a while ago with my cousin Corine to visit my sister who has been there for a few months now.
Here's how it went:

On Friday we took a plane from Eindhoven to London Stansted, where we arrived around seven thirty pm. We took a train to Cambridge and arrived at the super cute Bed & Breakfast where we had booked a room for three nights.

Picture by Corine

It was literally the cutest pub you’d ever see. It was the perfect English place to go to for a weekend of Cambridge, I think. First we weren’t supposed to have our own bathroom, but we got upgraded and had a little showerroom after all! There was stuff to make tea with on our room as well, which was very British obviously.

Cute little bed
We kind of made ourselves at home and went to bed pretty early, because the next day we were going to meet my sister in town!

We had a lovely and simple but delicious breakfast on Saturday morning and went to Cambridge shortly after that. Seeing my sister again was super awesome! She had been there for a while so she knew the way and cute places where we could get coffee.
We bought tickets for a guided tour through town and while we were waiting for it to begin, we went to a bookshop. Which was really awesome because I love bookshops and this one was huge and had all sorts of Doctor Who things! I bought a TARDIS box filled with a hundred Doctor Who postcards!

We had coffee at a pretty cute place and I ate a huge Jammie Dodger.

The sweet woman who was our guide took us to all the colleges (we weren’t allowed to go into any of them because of exams). We did go into King’s college chapel, which was amazing and huge.

We went shopping for the remainder of the afternoon. I bought the perfect brogues which I’ve been searching for for an eternity. After walking around town since 9 am we were a little tired and decided to go to Evensong at King’s College, where that awesome boy choir sings (you know, at Christmas?). It was really beautiful, their voices filling the whole building, reaching up the high ceiling.
After having enjoyed a lovely “proper” hamburger, we went to Sainsbury’s to get some food for the next day. I found a super cute kid’s Doctor Who magazine with a plastic Sonic Screwdriver.

The next day was our last full day. We went to a church in the centre of the town where all the students of Cambridge have their own student service. I had a Flat White and a Chelsea Bun at Fitzbillie’s and after that we went to the Fitzwilliam museum. I’m not really a painting person, but it was pretty interesting to check it out.

We took it easy that afternoon and had a little picnic on Jesus’ Green. We also climbed the St. Mary's church tower and after we found out that my sister’s bus wasn’t going to come anymore, we had a cup of tea at our Bed & Breakfast. 

View from St. Mary's tower

Brogues from Clarks

Monday was our last day and we just sat in the lovely sun the whole morning before getting on the bus again. It was stupid that I had to say goodbye to my sister again, but we had an amazing time. She’s coming home soon, so that’s good too!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my awesome trip :)

This song was the one I listened to while I was in bed trying to ignore the sounds of the pub just below us:

By the way, I'm going to see him (Sin Fang) live next Friday, *happy dance*.

See ya!


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