Friday, June 14, 2013

Sin Fang

Hey lovely reader,

In my busy schedule I have finally found some time to blog about the awesome man who is called Sindri (the cool guy from Sin Fang) and me meeting him.
Firstly, let me introduce Sin Fang to you. Sin Fang is a band from Iceland, I would describe their music as light and happy, poetic and filled with sounds. The man behind it all is Sindri Már Sigfusson. He is complicatedly related to the lead singer of Sigur Rós, which is basically how I found his music. He is also the man who founded Seabear (another Icelandic band). He’s not very famous (yet) which is why I was able to go to his concert in Zwolle on the 31st of May. It wasn’t too expensive and Zwolle isn’t very far away for me. 

On my way to Zwolle
At first I had no one to go with, but I knew a girl from Tumblr, Myrthe, who wanted to go too, so I met her and her mother in Zwolle. I was way too early; I took a train earlier because I was afraid I’d be too late. The concert started at 9 pm and I arrived at 7:30 pm. At least I was on time!

While I was waiting, Sindri suddenly passed me and I kind of froze until I regained my strength to make a quick picture. I was terrified and felt bad that I didn't wave or something.. But I made up for that later!

It's him! *
When Myrthe and her mother arrived, we went inside the building. It was really comfy and cozy inside. The show was going to take place in the attic, so we climbed the worn stairs until we entered a tiny room with couches and tables with chairs and a miniscule stage. There was no one else apart from us and a few crew members who were setting up. We sat down at the table that was closest to the stage and waited while more people started to arrive.
At some point someone lighted a candle and put it on our table and all the other tables, making it even more cozier and intimate.

The supporting act was Pascal Pinon and they made me fall in love with them head over heels (something the supporting act for Sigur Rós couldn’t). The two sisters were also from Iceland and this was their first time performing abroad. The music was magical, the two voices cooperated perfectly both in English as in their native language. The two girls seemed happy with the setting and we enjoyed their music enormously. 

Sin Fang’s performance was even better than I had expected. Sindri is a warm, kind of lay back and funny person and he looked like he was having as much fun as we were. They performed some old songs, Two Boys, Clangour and Flutes and Catch the Light, but they mostly played the songs of his new album Flowers. His music has a lot of sounds and instruments and it sounds hard to perform live, but they pulled it off. 

My personal favourites were Look at the Light and Clangour and Flutes.

After the show ended, we went to the merchandise and I bought a bag:

Suddenly we saw Sindri walking around near the stage, and we decided to go to him and ask him to sign something. I talked to him for a while and he recognized me from twitter (I had tweeted him a few times). He signed my notebook and some things Myrthe had taken with her.
It was absolutely amazing, he was so nice and I felt comfortable talking to him (even though I’m normally a rather shy person). I forgot to mention he’s an awesome artist and he draws pyramids with faces and melting pizzas, he’s so cool. Also he skateboards. 

Please ignore my face **


Anyway, we had an amazing night and Myrthe’s mother was really cool because she brought me to the train station where my mum picked me up (I’d already missed the last train).

I couldn’t be more happy after a concert, this was definitely one of a kind. I had never seen such a small place for a band to perform and the intimacy of it all made it absolutely perfect.
Sindri, please come back to The Netherlands soon, I will definitely come!



* Pictures made with my ipod, sorry for the quality 
** Pictures made by my friend and companion Myrthe

PS: Apparently blogger doesn't like me and wants one half of the font to be bigger than the other half. Sorry about that. 

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