Monday, April 28, 2014

April week 4

I can’t believe how fast the time is passing. It’s another month later! Before I know it I´m an old lady with fifty cats.

This week was fairly normal, apart from the fact that I bought a new memory card for my sister´s camera (I use hers all the time because I once dropped mine and broke the lens. I know. Stupid.) Now I can make more pictures. I did this especially for my awesome trips that I have coming up.
In two weeks I’ll be in Oslo! Expect lots of pictures of that soon :D I’m super excited. Even though I study Norwegian, I’ve never actually been in Norway. It’s about time.

Last Saturday was the first King’s Day in human history.

We used to have a queen, until her son and his wife took over last year. So I still say Queen's Day a lot, but it's King’s Day. Basically nothing was different from preceding years: there were free markets everywhere and the royal family visited a city which was being broadcast live on tv. It’ll change over the next few years though. No one knows what’ll change, but I bet they won’t make it any stupider, so I don’t really mind. We also ate a ‘tompouce’ and wore orange.

At the market, I managed to find an OlympusTrip 35 in pretty good condition, for only 1 euro :D My mum bought me and my sister a doll, because that is just awesome. 

Today I finally got around finding a place for my Doctor Who 50th Anniversary poster! It’s got a special place on the inside of my bedroom door. 

Also, I added the page ‘books’ to the top of my blog. It’s basically a page with my Goodreads stats. (I still have to perfect it. The page isn't really doing what I want but I'll break him). I want to read more because I’m slacking horribly. I hope joining Goodreads was a good decision and that it will make me read more. Check it out, and feel free to recommend books to me, or become my friend! 

Look at my cat

I love my cat

 April Instagram (follow me :D) 

Whoa this post is getting long! Here's a quick song of the week:
Ólafur Arnalds ft. Arnór Dan - So Close (in honour of his BAFTA he won for his Broadchurch score! Well done Óli!)

Have a great last week of April, and don't forget to check out my books page!



  1. I love reading your blog so much! Hope you'll write a post about your trip to Oslo. :))

    1. Thank you so much <3 I really want to make a post about that! I am quite busy at the moment, but it'll happen eventually ;) Xx