Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First vlog!!

Hello there!!

Finally my first vlog has been uploaded on my brand new youtube channel. I'm very excited and also a bit nervous. I'd love to know what you think of it, and if you have any tips I'd love to know! Any suggestions for future videos are also very welcome.

I hope you enjoy watching and that I might contribute to a happy day,



  1. Oh my, this made me so happy! It was so nice to see your face, I seriosly can't wait 'till November now, when we can see each other again.
    It's so pretyy there. I'm glad you had fun and home is a great place to be! And kittys!!
    (Oh, and I'm juuduubify on youtube, so no, it's not a creep, it's just me :)

    1. Hey!! Thanks so much :D I'm extremely excited for November too, can't wait to see you again :D

  2. Oke, nog een keer proberen. Nu niet meer in het Engels. Ik vond je filmpje super!! Alleen voor mij is het te lang. Ik merkte dat ik afgeleid werd en dingen ging skippen. De natuur van Noorwegen was geweldig mooi, maar ik zou het leukst vinden om te kijken naar wat jij doet, denkt enz. Gewoon Mirjam alle dag.