Saturday, August 23, 2014

Doctor Who Day!!

Hello everyone!!

Today, the 23rd of August, is Doctor Who Day, aka the day Doctor Who is on telivision again! I'm super excited, and therefore dressed myself for the occasion. I wore this cosplay last november at the 50th anniversary when we went to see it in cinema. I completely forgot to take pictures, but I'm making up for that now. 

I can't wait to meet Twelve and see what's going to happen! Have fun with the episode!

I totally believe The Doctor would have a cat as companion. After all, everybody talks to their cats! And they have lots of information on who lives where.. Like a strange man upstairs..

Oh and the shoes arrived only today, I am so happy with them. They're from Sacha and super comfortable and exactly what The Doctor would wear. By the way, I didn't buy them especially for the cosplay, don't worry. 

See ya soon!!
The Doctor (Mia) 

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