Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Autumn Time!

It's that time of year where my birthday has gone way too quickly in between all the busy university stuff and the last few warm days of the season are behind us. Hopefully. Because I cannot wait for the leaves to turn yellow and the sun to set earlier and the air to turn colder. I can't wait to put on my winter coat and be totally legal listening to Christmas songs. I like summer, but I absolutely love autumn and the anticipation of winter. 

I especially love the fact that it's now socially acceptable to wear tights. You won't see me wearing a skirt without tights even in summer, but now no one will look at me like I'm a total idiot. I love tights. 

I also get really excited about all the colours, I want sweaters in every one of these colours (from this tumblr blog): 

I took a walk the other day which felt so much like autumn I had to take some pictures, and I ended up making a little video as well :) 

I sincerely hope autumn comes quickly, I can't wait.

Also, here's a christmas song I keep telling people to listen to and I don't think I'll ever stop telling people to listen to it:
Sufjan Stevens - Christmas in the Room

Have a lovely day!



  1. Awh, wat een lieve kat! Die 'autumn' kleuren zijn wel heel leuk, ik heb ook zo'n zin in de herfst! Ik wil ook nog zo graag een sweater in het okergeel! Lijkt me super gaaf.


    1. Hey, wat leuk dat je op mijn blog bent geweest :) Mijn kat heet Floortje, ze is super lief ;) Ik ben hard op zoek naar een trui in die kleur, als je hem vindt, laat je het me weten? :)