Sunday, December 21, 2014

So I went to Iceland

Did that, didn't I?

My dream came true, two months ago. Sorry I'm late, but here are some pictures and of course my new video of the Airwaves and the road trips we did :D

I'd appreciate it if you could share this video if you liked it :) It took me a lot of effort and time (since uploading videos takes a billion hours)

 All the music I could wish for, just there in one row for sale in a bookstore.. 

Sin Fang! I saw him live 6 times in three days..! It was incredible. 

Liisi <3

Kim <3

I'm hugging the Airwaves logo because why not

Ah Sindri <3

Sindri the selfie master (there are 7 more of these)

Sorry for the abundance of pictures, it was very hard to choose. And I have 1000 pictures. So this isn't even a lot to be honest.

Song of the Airwaves:
Walk With You by Sin Fang 

This live version is just superb, the vocals are on point and I love the glasses. So there.

I hope you liked it and I hope you have a great day!


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