Monday, January 12, 2015

Ode to the Seasons

For some reason I'm never really content. When it's summer, I wish it were winter. When winter has finally arrived, I wish for warmth and light again.

Something has to be done. I want to enjoy the season I'm in.

In autumn I made this video about a walk I took on a beautiful day. I decided to make another one, only this time as an ode to winter, focussing on all the beautiful things of this season. I hope that I will appreciate the seasons more this way, in stead of pining for the next. So this is my new project, if you can call it a project: making a video for every season. I'm excited for spring and summer!

So here is Winter! Enjoy :) Let me know if you liked it? 

Oh and while you're here anyway, listen to this awesome song I'm obsessed with (see it's like summer in a song, that's how bad I am at pining for seasons that are months away):

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