Monday, March 30, 2015

Materialist Monday #1

I am terribly materialistic. I admit it. In the positive sense of the word of course, I mean, I don't actually love things more than humans or anything, I just love things. I love my laptop, I love my ipod, my books, my clothes, my make up.
I just love things.

So I thought, why not make it into a series on my blog? Since I've abandoned my blog again lately.

Materialist Monday #1

One of the things I love most is my copy of The Complete Chronicles of Narnia. It was a birthday present from my mother, my sister and my cousin. 

I've been a great fan of the Narnia films since I was twelve. I know The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian word for word. That is not a joke. My best friend and I would just go through the whole movie on our way to school and back. When I was fourteen I received this as a present. It's to this day one of the best birthday presents I've ever received. This, and the Owl City concert ticket I received for my fifteenth birthday.

My favourite of all five books will forever be The Horse and his Boy. The way everything falls into place at the end of the story is just amazing. I've learned so many things by reading these books, and I'm glad I got to experience them. 

I will always treasure this book, it's very special to me. I plan on reading this to my kids (whenever there will be kids, you never know). The only problem is that my kids will probably be Dutch, so I'd have to raise them bilingual just to be able to read this to them..

I'm also going to try to keep this blog alive a bit again. Which I say all the time, but I like doing this. So I just should.

Well, either way, I hope you have a great day!


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