Saturday, March 5, 2011

My one and only Thrift-Find

Of course we have a thrift store, but not like the thrift stores you can find in the US or the UK or what other country you live in. We have boring stuff. You have to search really hard to find something you like. A while ago I went to a thrift shop and I found a beautiful book. I love old books with old bindings and beautiful covers. The book that I found is super cool, because it has little drawings inside and the language is old Dutch. It was only 1 euro! Oh, I love thrift stores..! I like to watch vintage-blogs, and American girls find gorgeous dresses and shoes and coats, and all we have is oldfashion stuff (no real vintage), and cups and plates. I just wish I could find the perfect vintage dress with perfect vintage shoes and a perfect vintage purse and a perfect vintage hat..
Even Alice loves it :)

Yes, her right eye is blind. It looks really scary and it's painful for her. I've got medicins, but they don't work. We'll have to let her eye taken out...

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