Sunday, April 10, 2011

For the love of Shoes

Hey everyone!

Finally. On thursday the 17th of march, my lovely shoes, (which I ordered at Urban Outfitters, as you can read here) arrived. I've been wearing them (almost) non stop ever since. I love them so much, they're absolutely perfect!

It's a while ago that I bought these shoes. And in the meantime I bought some other shoes :)

Of course I have more shoes, because I am a little bit addicted to shoes. I didn't photograph all my shoes, I've got too many.

You must recognise these! (I love them!) (h&m) (Probably ten euros)

H&M again :) (They were about fourty euros)

Other shoes, can't remember where I got them..


PS: This is the last shoe-post for a while :)

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