Saturday, April 9, 2011

Making stuff!


My sister is very cool. She has done a sewing course. It's basicly a course which teaches you how to sew. Therefor she has a lot of cloth to make clothes, and thus she has leftover material for me. I found a little video on how to make clothflowers. Very easy, apparently. I'm not very creative in things like that. I tried anyway, and I've made some pictures of the process. I'm rather proud of the results, so don't hurt my feelings by critisising, thanks :) Please feel free to make some lovely flowers of your own and show them to me!

I´m probably going to attach them to a bobbypin or a hairclip to make it really something usefull.

I made a necklace too! Well, I actually just took a piece of ribbon and ran it through the little hole in the hanger, so I kind of made it. I really love it, though. The hanger I got from my mum a very long time ago when she returned from her holiday in Israël.

By the way, I bought new shoes. I know. I´m stupid. But I love them :)


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