Friday, April 8, 2011

My favourite authors

Hello there!

This might be a very boring post: I'm going to talk about my favourite author.
Well, I don't actually think that my favourite author is very boring. If you'd ask me: Who's your favourite author? a few years ago, I'd have replied: 'JK Rowling, CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien' (Do you notice that they all have more than one name? It's not J Rowling, but JK. Would I be remembered as MA van den Hoorn? Who knows!) (Anyhow, off topic..)
Now I say:
Jaclyn Moriarty (just one name this time, how original!) (I love the surname: Moriarty) (If you don't know who Moriarty is, check this)
Jaclyn Moriarty is the most amazing authoress I have ever read books of. She wrote a lot of books, mostly about the school Ashbury in Castle Hill (Australia). There's a lot of characters that keep coming back in her books, such as Lydia, Emily, Cassie, Astrid, Toby, etc. It's not very interesting to read these names without knowing who they are.

All the books she's written are:
Feeling Sorry for Celia
Finding Cassie Crazy (or: The Year of Secret Assignments)
The Betrayal of Bindy Mackenzie
Dreaming of Amelia
The Spellbook of Listen Taylor
I have a Bed made of Buttermilk Pancakes

I've read them all, except the Spelbook of Listen Taylor and I have a bed and so on. I just finished Dreaming of Amelia. It was one of the most amazing books I´ve ever read! I laughed out loud and it got a little scary sometimes! (And note: I do read a lot of books). I love Moriartys books because her characters are so different but still I know them all so well. It's really like they're my friends (that sounds very stupid, but it's also very true)

I even want to buy them all! I've read most of them in Dutch, except Dreaming of Amelia (which I actually bought, the rest I got from the library), but I want to read them in English too. I find that books in their original language are better than translated into Dutch. Especially when they're translated into Dutch. So, I'm going to buy them all :)

You can check her official website or her blog.

Mia, dreaming of Amelia

PS: My mum just handed me a lovely pink flower. I smelled it and it reminds me that summer is coming. Mixed feelings.

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  1. Urg! Now I want to pick op my bicycle and cycle to the libary to read one of those books. They seem pretty nice!