Monday, April 4, 2011

No idea what this post's gonna be about


Today I´m going to talk about randomness. I really don´t know where this is going to lead us to.

First I would like to thank Mirjam (the other Mirjam, not me) for commenting on one of my posts. I am glad to inform you, and all my readers, that you were the first to comment!! A huge thank you for you (here it comes:)


I did thank you in real life, but now I realise that it wasn't enough. You have no idea how much I appreciated it :) So thank you.

Today Term 4 started. I hate that, I'm nearly going to cry. At first I was happy: it's the last Term of this year that's been really hard! But then I thought: I've finally just got used to the idea of being a 5th year student and I kind of like our class. I don't really talk to the majority of the students, but I've got used to them. I know what I can expect and how to respond to things they say. I'm just saying that I hope things won't be too different next year, with the exams coming up and everyting.
Thus, my feelings about the very last Term of this year are mixed. Very mixed, confusing and annoying. Don't get me wrong: I hate school and I love recess of course! I just don't like changing of my environment. It's weird, I know.

Something else that keeps bothering me lately is my hair. I love the colour and everything, but my hair kind of died. All these dead ends sticking out on places where they shouldn't and that happens more frequently these days. I've made an appointment with hairdresser next Saturday, hoping that I can hold on that long. I don't suppose I will chew off my hair within this week, so I'm confident so far.

I'm nervous because of my grades, I have no idea what to expect of them. And that is all I'm going to say about school now. If you want to know more about my schoolwork and how I'm coping; e-mail me and we'll talk privatly where I can scream and stamp my feet at the right time in the conversation. (obviously I didn't mean talking privatly online, but in real life, or I would still not be able to stamp my feet)

Recently I bought The Sims Medieval. I like it very much, but I was afraid I'd get addicted to it. Turns out I'm immune for it and my sister's playing it while I'm writing this, and probably playing it when you read this. She's not used to gaming, I am.
No, I'm not addicted to games. Never have been. I'm addicted to shoes. I used to be addicted to hats, but that changed slowly from 'I need a new hat' to 'hats are nice' to 'I need shoes that suit the hats I have' to 'I need shoes'. It'll probably change to dresses, to skirts, to jeans, to cardigans. It'll never stay this way for long, which is a good thing 'cause I'll have a lot of shoes if this addiction doesn't end soon...
I will not bore you much longer with shoes though, I've made too much shoe related posts lately. I'll move on to something else, but I'll have to think of something.

In fact; I'm going to think of something right now,

Much love for my dead hair and shoe-addiction,

PS: I've got just one shoe-post coming up, guys, sorry!

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