Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guinea pigs: a history - Part 2

Now then.
She was little more than two months in our home. (Just calculate with me, that’s about eight/ nine weeks, which is about 60 – 65 days) (ring any bells?). Well, just another hint then: she must have had sisters and brothers and as is to be read above she must have stayed with them for at least four weeks. And at four weeks she technically can get pregnant.
   So now back to the day that she was about two months with us. My mum called us to come and look outside. We followed her. And what we saw were four guinea pigs and a rabbit. Four. Instead of two guinea pigs, we saw four.
   Moomin had become a mommy.

This is the Little Boy

And this the Little Girl

So Macho

   We were over the moon that the babies were alright! They could’ve been mutilated or dead because the father must’ve been one of the brothers of the mother (complicated, eh, the mother is Moomin in this phrase). The babies were very healthy and soon became rather fat. One of them was a little girl and the other a baby boy. They were beautiful.
Of course they, too, had to stay with their mommy for at least four weeks to be nursed and fed by her. Then, Little Boy became a Little Man a little too early.
    We made sure that he left the house as soon as possible, but we fear it might have been too late.

   Now, a few weeks after we “got rid of” the boy (we gave him to the local pet shop, as a thank you for giving us three guinea pigs while we paid for just one) Little Girl (still nameless I’m afraid) is VERY fat. And I mean VERY. We are very scared of the consequences, we were lucky that the two little ones had survived the randomness of genes, but now.. Two generations of inbreeding can’t be good, can it?

Mia; hoping everything will be fine..

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