Saturday, February 4, 2012

What´s in my bag?

I always love to see what others have in their bags. I checked a lot of them out on Flickr and I noticed that everyone has lip balm, a moleskine book and pens. I always have my lipbalm in my pocket with my phone, so they´re not on the picture. This is my bag:

There is:
- My jumbo (supermarket) name thingy and little notebook
- Stuff to write with
- My wallet
- Paper handkerchiefs
- A calculator
- Some cookies
- A receipt
- My diary
- Gloves
- Something to drink
- Moleskine 'Le Petit Prince' special edition
- A notebook without lines
- Above my Moleskine is some liquorice to keep me alive
- A pen
- My keys
- Hand cream
- A little flashlight
- My pink IPod shuffle
- A USB stick
- Deodorant
- Chewing gum
- Medicine
I usually bring a book just to read, but I didn't have it in my bag when I took the picture. Currently I'm reading The Hunger games (part I) for the third time.

It has the autograph of the bass player of The Gentlemen! Super proud of that!
I forgot to put this with the other stuff, but it's a bottle of water.
My sisters bag is of course a lot more interesting than mine!

Especially with her Diana+ camera:

I'd love to see what's in your bags!! Send me pictures and I'll definitely watch them :)

Love, Mia

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