Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hey guys! Did you have a nice time listening to this music? I have been very addicted to this lately. Especially now I'm in my exam period (very stressful!) I like to listen to this very calming music. Studying is a lot easier with this and Jónsi even provided for a new lullaby.

Jónsi is the lead singer of the band Sígur Rós. (I have already mentioned this band once, check it out)
This band is Icelandic and makes post-rock music. The voice of Jónsi is very typical and makes me smile. It's really something you either love or hate. I happen to enjoy listening to the high sounds and the natural breaks in his voice while singing. I know many readers will roll their eyes now, or stop reading, but please: open up to new experiences!

I think many people stay in their own safe music genre. Maybe it's a good idea to step out of this sheltered area and experiment with new things. I have really enjoyed getting to know this whole new sort of music, the new sounds, vocals and instruments. I still don't know all their songs and every time I hear a new one, it surprises me. Like I said, the vocals are extremely good and - for me - comfortable to listen to. The intros are always calm, soothing - or sometimes extraordinarily filled with energy. Every song has at least one sudden burst of instruments that gives me goose bumps every time.

I really love the artwork on the album Go by Jónsi. The colours are really beautiful and I like the feathers he uses in his music videos.


I started with some solo songs of Jónsi (and in between a Sígur Rós recording). I did this because I think this music might be easier for some of you. It's English and maybe a bit happier than Sígur Rós. Sígur Rós' songs are more dramatic and depressing (not in my opinion though). I like them both. Jónsi is more music to sing along as loud as you can (and as high as you can) and Sígur Rós is more for studying because it's really hard to sing Icelandic..

Is this enough to make you try new things and stop judging me for listening to 'weird' music?

Thank you for your attention.


PS: Here is the lullaby I was talking about:

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