Friday, April 6, 2012

Bright Star

Hi everyone!

And we're back with an amazing film I've seen recently.

This film - Bright Star - is not just a film like any other to me. The film is about the life of the famous and ingenious poet John Keats. I had researched this tragic life of his before and I was already touched by the terrible events that took place in the short period of time.

When my sister suggested to watch this film, I was hesitant to agree. I was more in the mood for happy endings and funny quotes. Eventually I gave in and we watched it. This was probably the best choice I've made in the past weeks. Believe me: this film has affected me more than any romantic film.

I actually think that this film doesn't fit in the 'romantic film' genre, even though it's extremely romantic. It's so tragic that it stays in your mind for days. I'm the living proof because I think I watched it about a week ago and I'm still thinking about it all the time. Maybe that's just because I'm weird. Anyway, the film is so romantic and the ending is so miserable (and very well performed!).

However, I don't think just the magical performance of the amazing actors did the trick, nor the beautiful surroundings or the light atmosphere or the amazing costumes. No I think that the fact that all this really happened made me fall for this film forever.

The film is comparable to Becoming Jane (this film is about the (love)life of Jane Austen; also tragic) but I think Becoming Jane is somewhat lighter than Bright Star.

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