Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hi everyone!

Today I'd like to discuss my latest obsession: The Internet.

I will divide this post into three sections:
because that is where I spend all of my time (apart from the time that I blog on blogger).
At the bottom of this post the Dictionary of The Internet can be found.


Twitter. Oh Twitter. I have made many friends on Twitter. No, who am I kidding? I might have made two friends on twitter.
I don't think I have to explain twitter, but basically it's a site on which you can share your opinion cramped into 140 characters and other people can follow you to read what you had for dinner (for example).
I don't really use it for 'I ate a banana' or 'tomorrow I will see my aunt who lives three kilometers from my house'. I use it to:

- Keep up with the news on my favourite (foreign) tv-shows like Doctor Who or Once Upon a Time;
- Fangirl after another episode of one of my favourite tv-shows;
- Talk to people on the other side of the world and find out what it's like to live there;
- Complain about the fact that I'm not British;
- Stalk the actors that I love and therefore I love every single tweet (even this one by Alexander Vlahos). (That was actually really funny because he tweeted that with his phone in his pocket without noticing).

Also on Twitter you have the Follow Friday tag. On Friday you can mention people you like to follow in one FF tweet to tell your followers to follow that person you like to follow. What? Never mind. Just read it a few times, you'll get it.


Tumblr is the website I spend most time on. I have explained here what Tumblr is.

As I told you in that post I am a fangirl. I'm a pretty normal and calm person in RL but I can be rather crazy on the internet. I'm not very loud and I don't really get noticed (I have 22 followers) but I understand everything that appears on my dashboard.

Fangirls have their own language. Most of it has to do with the shows we watch, but some things are just abbreviations of really weird phrases. 

A list of most of the fandoms:
TV shows/films
- Doctor Who
- The Avengers  (and Iron Man, Thor, Hulk etc.)
- The Big Bang Theory
- Supernatural
- Teen Wolf
- Once Upon a Time
- Harry Potter
- Sherlock (BBC)
- The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings
- The Hunger games
- Merlin
 My goodness this list is longer than I thought and it actually goes on, but I think you see what I mean.

A list of the actors/actresses fangirls fangirl over:
- Tom Hiddleston
- Robert Downey Jr
- Matt Smith
- Arthur Darvill
- Karen Gillan
- Tom Hiddleston
- Emma Watson
- David Tennant
- Tom Hiddleston
- Colin Morgan
- The list goes on and it's longer than the last one so I'll stop.
You get the picture: mostly men or flawless women.

Commonly loved things on Tumblr that are not fandoms:
- Kittens
- Cats
- Puppies
- Stars/Universe
- Shoarma
- Chocolate

Also you can tag your posts, just like I can tag my blogposts on Blogger. 
These are common tags: All the feels, all the cries, crying, i'm so done with this, i'm 700% done with this site, flawless cast is flawless, pretty graphic is pretty, accuracy beyond accuracy, WHY WOULD YOU POST SOMETHING LIKE THIS, I can't, I lost the ability to can, and lots and lots more. Some fangirls have the ability to make a whole story out of tags; I, however, am to lazy to do that.

This is an example of a post that makes me a proud fangirl because I understand. I'm sorry it's too complicated to explain.

I'm starting to regret starting this post. I must seem such a freak to you now. 

There are some fun things we fangirls do. For example we get attached to fictional characters. We cry when they're sad, we cry when they're happy, we cry when they die. (Fictional characters we get attached to tend to have more chances of dying somehow). Also we ship characters. When we ship two characters no matter what they do, we call them our OTP. I'm not going to explain these words now because if I do my dictionary won't be of any use. We are happy when our OTP goes canon, and we cry when they don't. We make AU Gifsets and write Fanfiction. Further fun words can be found in the dictionary below.

Here's a video by Bryarly in which she explains Tumblr and it's a nice bridge to my next topic (Youtube):


Youtube is a lovely place for opinions. I am subscribed to a lot of Vloggers. Here's a list of vloggers I actually love and watch regularly:
- Phil
- Dan
- Elle
- Mascha (she's actually Dutch)

They are all very different and usually very interesting. That is actually all there is to say about Youtube. Just try some of their videos! Should be fun!

- Fangirl (verb) = be hyperactive and talk about every facet of the episode/character/show you're a fangirl of
- Fangirl (noun) = a person (male/female) who is obsessed with a tv-show or fictional character
- Twitter = website on which you can tell your followers what you're doing
- Tumblr = website on which you can share what you made or wrote or just fangirl (see fangirl)
- Dashboard = the homepage of Tumblr (see Tumblr) on which you can watch what the people you follow have rebloged from the people they follow
- RL = Abbreviation of 'Real Life', which is the life in which time passes normally and in which you have a family and you need food and exercise in order to stay alive
- Ship (verb) = To like two certain characters to fall in love with each other and create pretty babies (regardless of sex, sexual preference or if they actually like each other in the show or not)
- Ship (noun) = Two people who are being shipped by a fangirl
- OTP = Abbreviation of One True Pairing, which is the ship a fangirl will ship forever no matter what happens
- AU = Abbreviation of 'Alternate Universe', which means that things go differently in some other universe. For example: Sherlock meets The Doctor in another universe and they hang out together preventing the apocalypse from happening.
- Gifset = a set of gifs (why did I even add this to the dictionary)
- Fanfiction = A story written by a fan about the existing fictional characters of a certain fandom which usually lets ships go canon
- Subscribe (verb) = follow a Youtube blogger
- Vlogger = a person who tells his/her opinion to a camera and uploads this to Youtube
- Youtube = A website on which videos are shared and watched
- To go canon = When a Ship actually gets together on the tv-show

I hope next post on this blog will be more normal than this one. My apologies for being weird.


PS: Follow me on twitter and tumblr :) 

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  1. Interesting. Never really understood tumblr. I prefer either the high speed turnover of Twitter or the more considered posting of Blogger.

    I think I find tumblr weird because it's a blog, but you can't seem to comment on the posts people leave. I haven't quite sussed how the interaction works.