Monday, March 31, 2014

March Week 4

Has this blog become a Jaclyn Moriarty fanblog?
Maybe. I’m not sure, but I feel obliged to talk about her again. Sorry!

The reason is that I finished her latest book: The Cracks in the Kingdom. I am not good at writing reviews but I can say this: I have not been able to stop reading. Even though I had to study really hard. The only negative thing that I have to say is that the book ended. It’s second in a trilogy, and obviously just came out, so I won’t know what happens until next year.. I will not hesitate to order it immediately when it’s available though.
She also organised a contest on the blog she was writing on. I found out about that on Friday, and had to have finished it on Saturday night. That was stressful, since I really really wanted to do it. I mean come on it's Jaclyn Moriarty we're talking about! So I finished my 'story' (the assignment was to write a letter, so it's not really a story, but okay) on Saturday afternoon and sent it immediately. It was scary, but it felt so good that I did it. And now we wait for the results! I have no idea if a lot of people participated or if there were like five people, so I have no idea how much chance I have.. Well, at least I tried! I'll keep you up to date.

The weather was great again and there are lots of cool flowers in my mum's garden, look:

And a kitty! Miep!

In other news: I had an exam on Old Norse, which is basically modern Icelandic, and this is how it went:

Yes I am using John Bacchus gifs to show my emotions. I feel obliged to do this since I have learned how to make gifs and there aren’t many people making George Gently gifs, let alone use them.

This was also the last week of March. Here are the photos I shared on Instagram (where you can also follow me if you like!):

It's a lot of Miep isn't it? And yes, I started another book by Jaclyn Moriarty yesterday. This is my favourite!

Hey guys, I wanna know how your month has been!! Have you been enjoying the amazing spring weather, or do you live on the other side of the world? Let me know :)
I have noticed how rewarding it is to write this blog for the past three weeks. I've been remembering all the happy moments so I can write about it. Which made me enjoy the happy moments more, and has made me specifically look for happiness and beauty. Try it and let me know!

Have a great first week of April, I'll see you next Monday,


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