Sunday, March 16, 2014

March week 2

So last week the weather was GREAT. Like ‘SUMMER IS ON THE WAY’-great. That gave me a huge boost of energy and creativity. The weather today is less great, but that has given me the opportunity to write down the things that made me happy the past week.

I bought awesome socks. I actually bought them a few weeks ago, but I only started to appreciate them this week. I love them. Look at my socks. My socks are awesome.

I also passed the ice cream section in my supermarket this week and saw that the Ben&Jerry’s were temporarily cheaper than normal. So I had to buy one. Ice cream is my favourite food. I picked up the Vermonster flavour. It has maple syrup, caramelized pecans and a caramel swirl. Oh man. It is THE best ice cream I’ve ever tasted. It melts on your tongue and the caramelized pecans stay behind and are delicious and just hmmmm. So good, trust me. Buy it. Now. I’ve had it every day for the past week.


When it starts to feel like spring and summer are very close, I start to feel more colourful. That leads me to two awesome things that have occupied my mind last week: nail polish and The Colours of Madeleine. I love nail polish, but I hadn’t been wearing it a lot over the past months. Now I’m very excited about the colourfulness nail polish gives your outfit, and how much it makes me feel like summer is really very much coming. 
And The Colours of Madeleine. Yessss. I’ve written about Jaclyn Moriarty before, read it here. She’s an Australian author and wrote The Year of Secret Assignments, among other awesome books. She is my all time favourite author. She has started a new trilogy: The Colours of Madeleine. I read the first when I got if for my birthday from my sister: A Corner of White. I fell in love with it on the first page. It was so good. And a few weeks ago part two came out: The Cracks in the Kingdom. I ordered it the second I found out about it. It comes out in The Netherlands on the 25th of March, so I’ll have to be patient for a few more days. Moriarty has also been writing a few blog posts. She interacts with the people who comment on them, which made me love her even more. She even responded to my (unfortunately anonymous) comment on this post. The way she writes is just so funny and generally happy (fits my blog, you see).

Of course I haven’t been all creative and cool all week. I’ve been watching a LOT of George Gently. I watched the first episode when it was on the Belgian tv and fell in love. I’d seen one episode before, but never really continued watching. Now I just had to. Quick synopsis: a detective series that takes place in the north of England, about a detective chief inspector and a detective sergeant. Solving murders basically.
I am especially in love with John Bacchus. He is a racist, sexist idiot but I love him. His character is so interesting, so real. Lee Ingleby is incredibly good. Gently is of course an essential character, he’s the only reason Bacchus isn’t a super corrupt policeman yet. I love the dynamic between the two, and the historic facts about England 1964 are super educational. They really emphasise the real problems: sexism, racism, homophobia. John is always the problem, but his being wrong gets pointed out. And apart from that it’s just a really good detective series. Would recommend.
I've also watched Penelope yesterday. It has it all: James McAvoy, Simon Woods, Peter Dinklage, awesome outfits, an amazingly decorated bedroom, even Hoppipolla. If you want me to go into detail on this film, let me know. But it was awesome.

Song of the week: My IT’S SUMMER song
Buildings and Mountains by The Republic Tigers

Alright I've been loving a lot this week I see. More next week?

See ya then!

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