Monday, April 7, 2014

April week 1

Hello hello april!

I am glad april arrived this week. Actually last week, but okay. This week was the first week of the second part of this last semester (wow) which is just as much terrifying as exciting. It’s terrifying because in only about ten weeks this whole school year is over. I feel like we just started and it’s pretty scary that I’ll be on one-third of my bachelor time as a student. I’m already absolutely terrified of my bachelor thesis. I hate writing essays, let alone one of eighty pages.
Anyway let’s think of happy things, shall we?

Because I have a horrible timetable this ‘blok’ (that’s what we call the three parts of a semester) I haven’t been at home in my room a lot this week. My Tuesdays and Thursdays are very long and I’ll only be home in the evenings. Therefore I’ve appreciated my room a lot more, I’ve enjoyed being home a lot. I always light a scented candle, mostly to fight off the cigarette smell that roams around the house because of the huge amount of smokers, but also because it makes my room instantly cosy and happy. I’m using a Christmas candle in my living room, because it was a huge candle and I just want to finish it before I buy a new one. It doesn’t really remind me of Christmas, but more of relaxing in a warm, cosy environment (= my room). In my bedroom I am currently burning a vanilla clean cotton kind of smell. It makes me feel all sunny and happy, even though I burn it just before I go to sleep. I think it really helps making your room feel homey. At first I didn’t feel at home at all, all on my own in a strange house with strange stuff I had just bought.. But now I’ve gotten used to it all, I love it a lot. It’s all mine and I can do whatever I want whenever I want to do it.

When I just moved in, my best friend gave me a little tea set, with real tealeaves and a little metal filter. Hard to explain; here’s a picture.

It’s lovely jasmine tea and for some reason it made me really happy to use a filter like that, instead of just plain sachet things. Well however made, tea makes people happy.

I’m also ‘collecting’ pictures for my wall. I’ve got quite a few on there already, including my Sigur Rós ‘Heima’ postcards. It’s another thing that makes your new house/room a lot more your house/room. I’ve also got a whole wall of pictures of people and places I love, and a whole Doctor Who wall! Whenever I’m stressed out or a little lonely, I look at those pictures and I feel happy again. Especially the pictures with people on them, like my family and my friends. 

What have I been watching? Well that is a complex matter at the moment. I’m all over the place. I’ve reached the last two episodes of Merlin, which I don’t want to watch because they’re too sad. I’ve also reached the last episode of Inspector George Gently, which I don’t want to watch because then it’s over and I’m not sure if there’s anything new coming.. So I’ve started watching some Doctor Who and Agatha Christie’s Marple. Here’s a little list that I’ve made of films and series that I want to watch one day, definitely not complete at all:

By HTTYD I mean How To Train Your Dragon, which is one of my favourite animations ever! Vera is another British detective series which is really great. Also I am of course, just like everyone, watching Game of Thrones which started again yesterday! I haven’t seen it yet, but it will be my reward for tonight. I am very excited because Sigur Rós actually has a part in this season!!

Song of the week!
I don't have a very special song that I've been listening to all week, but here's one I love: Sigur Rós - Illgresi

Have a nice week!


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