Thursday, June 12, 2014


Lately I've started feeling a lot more confident. I'm not entirely sure what 'triggered' my confidence, but I am now confident enough to say to myself in the morning: I look good today. I'll tell you a little story and I hope with all my heart that this might help someone or maybe someone can recognise themselves in this.

A few years I've been struggling with an extremely sensitive and dry skin (official diagnose of a dermatologist!). This and other things made me very sad for a while. It took me a good few months to find the right products that I could use on my face and I had nearly given up on having a, what I would call, 'normal' face.

A problem that I encountered was that I couldn't get my face to be moisturised enough to put on any face make up, because you could see any dry spot on my face clearly. Besides that, I grew up with a few people in my environment who strongly believed that make up was not a good thing. It was a waste of money and time and especially foundation was a big nope. It was fake. It was being untrue to yourself and it was saying that you're ugly without it.

I have found that all these things is not what foundation, or make up in general, is. I believe that making yourself look just that bit more beautiful can do miracles to your self confidence. I like looking good, I like wearing make up because
I think I look nice. It's a thing that I do for myself and that I feel entitled to now. I used to put on make up for fun, and in stead of making me feel beautiful it made me feel sort of guilty for wearing it. I am very grateful to say that this has changed.

Now, a good year after the whole sensitive skin period of my life, I feel like I have a good routine in what I do to my face every day. I have found products that are not too harsh for my skin, I have found moisturisers that do miracles. I am wearing as much make up as I want to. I also go out the door without any when I don't feel like all the fuss. Of course I have my bad days, sometimes weeks. Sometimes my skin hates me again and starts getting red and dry. But I always tell myself that it will be okay again, like it always is. It only makes me appreciate a smooth skin even more!

I feel like youtube has helped me with this a lot. That sounds super stupid, but honestly, all those make up youtubers are so positive and they inspire me. I love Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter), Zoe (Zoella) and Tanya (Pixi2Woo) so much. They have taught me that looking beautiful isn't always the point. It's fun to play with make up and it only creates a better version of your face, not a different face. What they tell their viewers in their videos is not to look good for others, or that you're not good enough without make up. They make us, at least me, feel confident about the way I look and they inspire me to do fun things for myself.

This whole text feels very incoherent. Also personal. I felt the need to share this, since it's a big factor in my happiness at the moment. That and the fact that I have only one assignment left before the end of the school year!

I hope this helps anyone in any way, and I sincerely hope you all can look at yourself and feel good about it!! Please tell me what your feelings are on this subject, I'd love to know your opinion.

Have a great week!


PS: Sorry that this post didn't involve any cute pictures. Here, have one of my cat (because you haven't seen enough of her obviously!)


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