Thursday, June 19, 2014

25 Things To Do This Summer

As y'all know, I watch a lot of youtube videos. They inspire me, some more than others.
A few days ago I stumbled upon one of Alfies new videos (well, when I say stumbled upon.. I am subscribed to him and watch all of his videos). This particular video made me very excited and inspired me to follow his example. In his video he explained that he had made a list of 25 things he was going to do this summer. He bought a notebook, put each thing on the list on a page. When he actually does the thing this summer, he'll make a picture and stick it on the page.

Wait you can just watch the video, he explains it way better:

I immediately took my own Petit Prince Moleskine notebook, which I use for 'special things', like quotes that inspire me or a little drawing. You might remember when Sindri wrote in it when I went to his show last year.

This is my list:

# 1 Make a fresh and fruity lemonade
# 2 Eat really great ice cream in Norway
# 3 Have a Lord of the Rings marathon
# 4 Spend an evening outside alone, listening to Sigur Rós (preferably a starry night) 

# 5 Have a picnic in a forest
# 6 Spend an entire day writing. Just writing.
# 7 Paint something
# 8 Finish reading a book
# 9 See live music
#10 Have at least one sleepover
#11 Have a perfect detective night: alone, on a hot evening with the window   open so you can hear the birds outside. Sit in your pajamas and eat a Frikandel. (That's probably a memory, but it feels like such a perfect night and I should try to relive it as much as possible)
#12 Try to assemble as many cosplay outfits as you can and blog about it (warning: this includes cloting shopping)
#13 Get to see a sunset and a sunrise (Tip: at Brygge in Bergen perhaps? Just a thought)
#14 Write in your diary every day
#15 Buy () by Sigur Rós

#16 Have a good pamper session
#17 Make a fruit salad. Eat it.
#18 Pick beautiful flowers
#19 Reorganise your wardrobe
#20 Travel to Amsterdam as a tourist rather than a student on business
#21 Make at least one picture a day and try to capture the whole day in it
#22 Watch a scary movie. Like, really scary.
#23 Get a really good milkshake
#24 Bake something really healthy, but also tasty
#25 Buy something for yourself that you wouldn't normally buy

If you feel as inspired as I do, please let me know if you're making a list and what's on it :) I hope that by documenting these things when I'm doing them will make this summer unforgetful, and that I'll enjoy it even more.

I hope you have a great day, and summer, and I'll speak to you soon!


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  1. This is an lovely idea! I should do it myself, but I can't really figure out 25 things to do, haha!

    1. You'll find 25 soon enough, it didn't take me very long :D Just pick simple and fun things, don't make it too hard on yourself ;) I'd love to read it when you have your own list :D

  2. Loved reading your list! :D As for me, I'll spend most days from 8am to 4pm at the laboratory, working and working and working. Then I'm going to London in July and school starts on 18 August.
    When are you in Bergen? If you'd like to, I'm sure I could convince my mum to go there for the weekend and maybe we could meet up? I've never been to Bergen, so we could do tourist-y things together. :)

    1. Ahh I hope you'll still have fun this summer.. But you'll be going to London and that's something :D
      I'll be in Bergen from the 29th of June until the end of July! I'm not sure what I'll be doing during the weekends though, but as soon as I know I'll message you :D It'd be awesome to meet!!

  3. This is an amazing idea! i think ill spend today at work coming up with the things and forgetting about them two minutes later :D