Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Rest of May

A lot happened in May! As you might know, I went to Oslo, Norway with a group of fellow students, the first weekend of May. You can check out the post I wrote about that last week here. For the rest I had a lot of exams and assignments to do. It wasn't the best of months, but ignoring the non-stop studying I did, I did some fun things as well.
For example, I had a wedding! My cousin got married and it was such a beautiful day. It rained most of the day, but that was nothing compared to the happiness that poured out of the faces of the happy couple.

Like I said a while ago, I really want to read more. I bought two books in May, The Hobbit in Norwegian and Summer Falls and Other Stories. The last one is a book that features in a Doctor Who episode. In the episode Amelia Pond has written the book, and therefore I am very excited to actually own it. I went a bit mad when I was in Waterstones in Amsterdam (best bookstore I've ever been to, it has a lovely atmosphere) and bought two Doctor Who magazines as well.. If I hadn't decided to leave after I found Summer Falls, I'd have bought even more.

On that same day I found this awesome Marvel T-Shirt that looks awesome with my leather jacket:

I'm very excited about this combination, can you tell?

Of course my song of the.. month? has to be Where No One Goes by Jónsi, because How To Train Your Dragon 2 is almost coming out and this song was released a while ago :) I am super excited about the film, and especially the songs in it that Jónsi wrote! Tell me what you think about this song!

I also wanted to say how extremely excited I am that I'm almost going to Bergen! I am planning on vlogging as much as I can, and sharing the videos here. That way I'll have the whole month documented and I can keep my people back home up to date :) I hope to maybe inspire someone out there as well!

Hope you have a splendid week and I will speak to you next week!

Mia (& a kiss from Floortje)

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