Friday, July 22, 2011

Learning How To.. Crochet

My mum is so sweet because she bought me yarn and two Crochet-needles! I've been wanting to make my own flower clips, but making them with just fabric bored me a little bit. I didn't want to knit because that seemed really hard to learn, just for flowers. Then I came up with Crochet! I've found some videos on the internet explaining how to crochet and my sister has a very old knitting/crochet book from the thrift store. I've tried it a few times, but I'm not yet ready to make anything yet, ha ha. I'll just keep updating my skills by posting some pictures once in a while.

My first strand! This was the thin yarn with the thin needle, and it was much more difficult than the thicker yard as seen beneath.

Yey my first square! It's not really a square, because I didn't make the edges straight, but it looks like a square.

When I was making this, there was a cat behind me on the couch and a rabbit between my feet. (Oh, that requires some explanation.. The rabbit is called Lucy. She's super sweet and stays with us for a fortnight. She's the rabbit of my best friend who's on holiday in Spain. I offered to take care of her fuzzy friend). I felt like a granny sitting there. It was like our cat felt my oldfashion behaviour and her instincts took over, keeping the granny company while knitting. Even though I wasn't knitting.The cat couldn't have known that of course.

This is one of the books with explanations in it.

I'll keep you guys in touch of my learning how to crochet.

Granny Mia

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