Sunday, October 21, 2012

Deas Vail

Hey everyone,

For at least an hour now I've been listening to every Deas Vail song I know. I still can't decide which is the one I want all of the internet to listen to.

Every song has it's own way of being perfect and amazing to sing along (if you can get to the extremely high notes).

Yes. High notes. I know that men don't usually write, let alone sing, the higher songs, but somehow I always end up absolutely loving the songs in which they do. This is another case of this weird habit of mine. This guy, called Wesley Blaylock, is a very good singer and his extraordinary notes are never out of tune. There is no better combination of voices than the voice of Wesley combined with Laura Blaylock's.
The band members are christians and their lyrics are based on their faith in God. I have to say it's very poetic and therefore it's not specifically christian music. It's kind of like Switchfoot; it's not praise but the lyrics are deep and very touching.

I have now decided which songs I will post. Have fun!

Sunlight is falling again,
But it never touches us
Because we cover our eyes and cover our fragile skin,
And we are comfortable with this.
How can we hide ourselves like this?
It doesn't seem like we all know where we belong.

Puzzles and Pieces
So stand in a world that seems to be built
On pillars and numbers
Or dance with the hopes of falling in love
Before we have learned to love ourselves 

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